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General Equipment

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Name Description Price Image
Breaker Air 60 lb90 lb. Air Jack Hammer$70
Breaker Air 90 lb60 lb. Air Jack Hammer$78.00
Chipping Hammer /Drill35 lb. And Drill . Drills holes thru concrete from ½” hole all the way up to a 2 inches. Pull the drill out and put a chipping bit and cut thru concrete.$31.20
Chipping Hammer35lb electric$31.20
CompactorPlate Tar/Dirt used for Tamping down dirt and crushed stone for Patios and walk ways before you lay the Bricks or Pavers.$92.50
COMPRESSOR2 hp. Electric$33.60
COMPRESSOR,185 CFM 23Air Towable 185 CFPM Will run two 90 lb. jack hammers. Blow out up to 12 sprinkler heads.$156
DrillCoring Hand Held
DrillCoring Rig Large Vacuum Base This high powered drill will bore holes thru cement from 2” to 8” Holes. Call for prices on diamond bits.$138
FLOAT,BULLCement Bull 4’ Alum.$27.60
Generator model-1750 Watt
Heater model-135m btu propane blower$33.60
Heater model-260m btu propane blower$36
Jack model-3Drywall w/Tilt 11 ft.
LevelLaser /self leveling 200’
LiftMaterial equipment Lift. 18 ft. Lift Cap. 600 lbs. Sumner 2118 Series 18-Feet Contractor Lift
LightsTwo 500 watt Tripod$25
MIXER,CEMENT ELECCement 3 cf. Wheelbarrow
Nailer model-1Flooring Hammer Type$30
Nailer model-2Finish/ Underlay Staple$31.20
Nailer model-3Roofing Air$52.80
Nailer model-4Flooring Staple Air$52.80
Nailer model-5Framing Air$58
Nailer model-6Flooring Nailer Air$44
Nailer model-7Finish Air powered.$52.80
PostShoring 6’ to 10’
Pump model-1Large Elec 2” Submersible
Pump model-2Trash 2” Gas 4500 gph.
Pump model-3Small Elec ¾” Submersible
Pump model-4Trash 3” Gas 11,500 gph. Hoses are not included on all pumps. You may need 50’ or 300’ so we charge you for the amount of hose you need.
Saw model-1Compound Sliding Miter 12” Laser cutting guide / Cutting capacity: 12-3/4'' x 4'' @ 90°, 12-3/4'' x 1-15/16''$43.20
Saw model-2Cutoff 12” Electric Blades rented separately.$65
Saw model-3Cutoff 14” Gas powered. Price includes mixed gas. Blades rented separately.$98.40
Saw model-4Floor 14” Walk Behind. Blades rented separately.
Saw model-5Hole Wood 2 ½” to 5”$14.40
Saw model-6Brick or Pavers 10”$36
Saw model-8Blades. We have a Large Line of Diamond Blades. You Can Buy or Rent!
SAW,DIAM.TITLE 7INCeramic Tile 7”$58.80
Staging PipeWe have all Types and Sizes of Scaffolding, or Pipe Staging! Please Call. We have day rates, weekly, and Monthly Rates.
Tamper, Hand$12
ThawerElec. Pipe 325 amp.$66
WASHER/2500 PSI$76.80
WASHER/3000 PSI3000 psi Gas Powered$93.60
WASHER/3500PSI3500 psi Gas Powered$102
Weed Burner250m Propane$19.20

Party Goods

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Name Description Price Image
ARCHES, Wedding
Name Price
Brass Arch $36.00
White Vinyl 4 ft $30.00
White Vinyl Wishing Well/cards
BALL,MIRROR W/LIGHTSBall, 18” Mirror with Spot Lights$52.80
BarPortable Folding Bar$42
Bean Bag tossClown Face
Bowls, Buckets, and Pots
Quantity Price
5 Qt. Stainless Steel .85
13 Qt. Stainless Steel $6.50
30 Qt. Stainless Steel $16.00
Champagne Stand w/ bucket $12.00
Stock Pot 40 Qt. $15.00
Stock Pot 80 Qt. $24.00
Quantity Price
Silver Round 3 Qt. $25.20
Stainless Steel Round 5 Qt. $21.00
Stainless Steel Rect. 7 Qt. $20.00
Warmer, Soup 11 Qt. $21.00
Chair, ThroneGreat for all types of occasions such as weddings, birthdays, or any special event. $120
Name Price
Children’s Blue Folding(0070-1104) $1.50
Dinning  Brown Chair(0070-1103) $1.80
Dinning Height Wedding White $2.00
Name Price
Very Large Selection from Dinner Dishes, Soup Bowls,
Snack Dishes, Coffee Cups and Saucers and More!
Platters, Gravy Boats, Creamers,
Sugar Bowls, Vegetable Bowls, and More!
Coffee Makers
Quantity Price
COFFEE POT 60 CUP $22.80
COFFEE POT 90 CUP $25.00
Coolers and Containers
Name Price
Cambro Food Carrier $29.00
Coffee Pitcher Insulated Black $2.50
Coffee Pitcher Insulated Copper $1.75
Cooler, Large for Cans 8 Cases $20.00
Cooler, Table Top Ice Lg. Tray for keeping Food and Drinks Cold Measures 22” x 42” x 7 ½ Deep $35.00
Pan Insert with Chafer Covers for Ice Table.Table can hold one to three. $4.00
Thermovate 5 Gal Beverage $20.00
Bread Baskets .85
Corn Toss Bean Bag GameGreat game! Two Target boards are 2 feet by 4 feet. Comes with 8 large bean bags. $23
Dunk Tank, Tow BehindKit includes everything you need, throwing balls, large target and easy to transport.$228
Flatware, Stainless
Name Price
Very Large Selection from Dinner Forks, Tea Spoons, Knives, Salad Forks, Soup Spoons and More! .33
Chafer Spoons, Serving Tongs, and More! $1.20
Serving fork and Serving spoon 70 cents
Flooring, Dance3’ x 3’ Parquet each Section$18
Fountains, Champagne or Chocolate!!!
Name Price
Chocolate 25” Fountain Holds 6 lbs. For serving up to 72 people or more! $120.00
5 Gallon Stainless Steel w/Lights Champagne Fountain $44.00
7 Gallon Stainless Steel w/Lights Champagne Fountain $48.00
Name Price
Very Large Selection from Champagne, Flutes, Water Goblets, Wine, Pilsner and More! .44
Punch Bowl 8 Qt. $9.50
Punch Bowl 11 Qt. $12.50
Pitcher 2 Qt. $2.25
Salt and Pepper Shakers $1.00
Grills and Griddles
Name Price
Big John 2’ x 5’ Charcoal $54.00
Big John 2’ x 5’ Charcoal with Rotisserie. Holds up to 100 lbs. Also includes Grill Top! $129.00
Propane 24” x 36” Barbeque $60.00
Propane 24” x 60” Barbeque $85.00
Propane 24” x 72” Barbeque $94.00
Propane Griddle (pancake) $55.00
Propane Gas Extra
Karaoke Machine w/ 26 CD’s Hundred’s of songs!* 4 speaker, 100w all-in-one karaoke machine * VCD, CDG, MP3, Photo-CD, CD, CD-R and CD-RW playback * 7-band EQ * Two 1/4"/XLR Mic inputs w/bass, treble and volume control * Digital echo, repeat and delay controls * 2 A/V (RCA) inputs and outputs * 110v and NTSC-PAL compatible $75
LightsString, 6 Globes 25 Ft.Placeholder
Machines, Carnival
Name Price
Bubble Machine $32.00
Cotton Candy $55.00
Fog Machine $49.00
Fry-O-Lator with Basket Electric $42.00
Fry-O-Lator with double Basket Propane $46.00
Popcorn Machine Large $51.00
Hot Dog Machine Rotisserie Type $46.00
Hot Dog Machine , Steamer holds uo to 150 Hot Dogs $46.00
Snow Cone Machine $54.00
Slush or Frozen Drink Machine, Great for those Margarita Party’s. This Party Machine Has Two 2 ½ Gallon Bins. That will Keep The Crowd Happy! $120.00
Spin Art Machine for making pictures on paper frames. Kids love it! $51.00
Money MachineGreat for parties ,school/sports events,promotions,grand openings and fund raisers.The sight of cash flying through the air always grabs attention, and the heavy-duty viny|booth and industrial blower makes a rugged,yet fully portable,money grab game.It's great crowd-pleaser!$130
Moon Walk Bounce HouseRental Prices Start at $180.00
Name Price
Moon Walk Bounce House w/faces $215.00
Slide, Wet or Dry 13’ x 30’ $225.00
Pipe and Drape Framegreat for hanging photo backdrops
Professional Large White Tents
Name Price
30’ x 45’ White (seats 130) $650.00
30’ x 60’ White (seats 180) $840.00
Prices on Large Tents include Delivery, Setup, and Take Down!
Setup on Asphalt is an additional $160.00
Tent Sides are extra, please call!
Racks, Coat
Name Price
Double Rack Holds 42 coats $21.00
Hangers, 25 pack $1.25
Name Price
Electric 2 Cu. Ft. $16.00
Electric 4 Cu. Ft. $21.00
Silver Products
Name Price
Chafer Round 3 Qt $21.00
Coffee and Tea Service $28.00
Cups, Punch $1.00
Punch Bowl 11 Qt. $25.00
Samovar, 25 Cup $26.00
Tray, 12” Round $8.00
Tray, 16” Round $10.00
Tray, 18” Round $11.00
Tray, Rec. 15” x 19” $12.00
Tray, Rec. 18” x 24” $14.00
Silver, 5 Branch Table Top
Name Price
Silver, 5 Branch Table Top $49.20
Stage, Platform
Name Price
4’ x 4’ 32” High per section $35.00
Stairs, 32” w/ Railings $35.00
Tablecloths, Napkins, Skirting
Name Price
Napkins, 20” x20” large asst. of colors $1.00
Banquet, 60” x 120” white Only $9.75
Round, 90” large asst. of colors $9.75
Skirting, White 13’ $23.00
Skirting, White 16’ $26.00
Name Price
36” Round (seats 3) $10.00
36” Round. Cocktail 30” or 42 “height $16.00
60” Round (seats 8-10) $10.00
30” x 72” Banquet (seats 6-8) $10.00
30” x 96” Banquet (seats 8-10) $10.00
Table for Children 72” (seats 8) $10.00
Tents, Party, (Home owner)YELLOW AND WHITE ROPE TENTS
Name Price
10’ x 10’ (seats 16) $72.00
20’ x 20’ (seats 40) $150.00
20’ x 30’ (seats 60) $222.00
20’ x 40’ (seats 80) $288.00
We will setup and take down for $75
Delivery and Pickup Charges Extra! Please Call!
Volleyball Set$28.80


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Name Description Price Image
Chair CoverChair Cover (black or white)Placeholder
NapkinsNapkins (20″x20″)Placeholder
SkirtingSkirting (10’x28″) whitePlaceholder
SkirtingSkirting (16’x28″) whitePlaceholder
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Table Cloth
Table Size Tablecloth Length Price
3' Cocktail (36", 42" Pedistal) To the floor (108" Round) $15

Photo Booth

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